If you have ever been to Cuesta Arena you have met Juancito. A sweet and loving kid whose story breaks everyone’s heart. During our war against the water in Cuesta Arena, we lost Maria, Juancito’s mom and only caregiver to Cholera. In an effort to keep Juanicto with his cousins and majority of his family, Francisco and Carmen (his aunt and uncle) took him in to live with them. The church agreed to help financially to raise him. Through the support of missionaries and the constant love and support of the church and his family, Juancito is flourishing. He attends the tutoring program at the school in Cuesta Arena and has not only learned how to read but now reads the bible at gatherings in front of everyone. He has been named “Don Juancito” (owner) as he is “in charge” of the school building.This year, we once again bought school clothes for him as we have done every year since I have been here (since 2008). This year Juancito proudly announced that he no longer needed the school shirt We have bought every year but that this year he needed the high school polo! This year our little Juancito will be going into his freshman year in high school!! As he prepares for school this year, talks of going to the university are being planted in his head to dream bigger. We are so proud of Juancito and his love of God and servant heart.

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