Thank you for considering making a donation to Renewed Hope Missions. Our ministries would not be able to survive without your support. Any amount that you give is greatly appreciated, but if you are looking for some suggestions here is a list of things that you might consider.

Teacher’s Salary: Each month we provide funding for the church to pay for a teacher and an assistant teacher in Cuesta Arena. The teachers work in the preschool and in the tutoring program. We pay 13 months a year (per Dominican law). We donate a total of $450/month.

College Fund: Juan is currently living in the city with a church member while attending school at the local university. The family is paid monthly to cover room and board for his expenses. Additionally, we assist with school supplies and uniforms when needed. We donate a total of $300/month.

Electricity: In 2013, we received a grant for our water project. This included bringing electricity to the property to run the system. Now we pay monthly $20/month for electricity.

General Donations: $10, $20, $50, $100

All donations can be made as a one-time giving. Just click the box for the amount you are wanting to give, or choose ‘Custom Amount’ and type the amount of your donation in the box. If you would like your donation to go towards a specific fund, lets us know in the comment box the fund you are wanting to give to.

Renewed Hope Missions is a tax-exempt organization.

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