Welcoming Voices of Youth

This evening we have a choral group of 26 flying in to share their talents. Ali, one of the missionaries that spent two weeks with me in June, returned Wednesday night with three friends to join the group. Do to size, we are all sleeping and eating at La Islita. The group will be working on concreting the cistern in Cuesta Arena and preparing for a concert on Saturday night at the church. I am excited to meet the group and begin working daily out in Cuesta Arena. At church on Sunday, Oriliedy and Jordaly joined Herman and Guillermo for church. It was so awesome to see Oriliedy there and strong enough to climb the stairs for children’s church!!! Worship was even more amazing than usual as I was seated in the “dancing” section of the church. The music came to life as the people encountered God. Pray for us this week as we continue to serve God and love his people.

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