Water Update for Cuesta Arena

Actual readings in parts per million (ppm):
Untreated Cuesta Arena well water:
Ca 240, Mg 145, Fe 10, Na 285, S 430, Si 10, pH=6.69

Treated Cuesta Arena well water:
Ca 175, Mg 142, Fe <10, Na 361, S 430, Si 10, pH=7.16 local city water values for same elements: Ca 36, Mg 9, Fe <10, Na 18, S 10, Si <10, pH=6.65 Kinetico will use the remaining sample of water to make their specific recommendation, but tentatively they suggest a softener for general use and a reverse osmosis unit for final drinking water. The problem with RO is that it uses about a third of the water to constantly backflush. The backflush water will have even a higher salinity so there would need to be consideration as to where it is flushed.

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