Water System Update

Today we had the water crew out to investigate the water. The guy that came out last year has been researching the area. Apparently there is a salt water line that runs under the area and that is why we have a salt problem. He brought out another investigator specialist and their boss. They are saying the system does not have enough pressure so on top of the reverse osmosis system we need a 1000 gallon tinaca underground to hold the water. We need all new filters and pumps and to top it off….our generator will not power the new system so we will need another generator. We went through so many different options with them and they listened to our suggestions and our needs and were going to talk to some other people and get back with us. It is very frustrating to essentially start over completely!
On the bright side, Mentor Ohios Rotary club met tonight to go over our grant proposal. They have decided they are in favor of our grant request and are interested in hearing the details to help us out! Gloria a Dios!

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