Water System Plans

We are leaving tomorrow and I still do not have a cost for the plans for the water system. We have decided the best thing to do is to build a 1000 gallon cistern, purchase water and ship it in, then filter it through our current system. This summer the plan will be to construct the cistern and prepare for bringing in of water so that the rest can be completed with out. I have asked Sairy to work with the filter company to come up with a year plan including the cost to build the cistern, cost of water for year, maintenance the company would do on the system to keep it up, filters, etc. We will then times this cost for the next 5 years and this will be our target price to raise. The government has plans to pipe water into the city which we could later use instead of purchasing and trucking the water in. We hope to have this price quote in time to pursue a grant and begin fundraising for this summer. We are still open to new teams coming out and have plan on doing a VBS this summer. Sairy would like to do VBS in each of the church’s sites (Cuesta Arena, Los Cocos, Los Salados, Guayabel, Santiago, and Cien Fuegos) then bus the children in together for a celebration at the church. Please contact me asap if you are interested in booking a trip for this summer as tickets need to be purchased soon.

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