Water Problems

In October 2008 the construction of the water filtration house began and the “American” water filtration system was brought in. In Feb 2009, the building was painted and in March 2009 UCF college students spent their spring break installing the system. A government organization dug a well 50 feet but hit rock and had to stop. The system consisted of an Ozonator and 3 micron filters. The system was designed to be over the top and more than necessary. However, in order for the people to trust the system and the water, it had to be safe, without flaw….ever! When the system was installed and turned on, the well went dry. It was too shallow. The summer of 2009 we raised $5000 for a new well to be dug! In Oct 2009, education was provided to the community and water began to be distributed. The people of the community didn’t like the taste of the water so after months of not being used, in Feb 2010 a Dominican water professional was brought in to test the water to see why they didn’t like the taste. It was then we received the devastating news that the well had tapped into salt water. The system we had guaranteed that no bacteria or anything else made the water unsafe to drink, but ignored the salt water. The company quoted us $13,000 for a proper reverse osmosis system, more than we have paid for the entire system.

We need help! We need to figure out how to raise $13,000 or find someone that knows about water systems that can help us figure out a cheaper solution. We desperately want to serve this community and have no doubt in our mind that God is present and moving, even without clean water. We have hope in a solution and have faith in what we do not see or understand. We know that God has a plan, we just don’t know what his timeline is!

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