Vince Perry’s First Mission Trip


Greetings from The Dominican Republic. I have been having a great time, wish you were here. The work has been hard, but we have all shared in it equally. The young ladies and man fron Orlando and Dallas, Sarah, Jocelyn and Jonathan, are great people to have met and worked with. I wish I had gone on a mission trip before now, because this would probably be my third or fourth by now. The people of Cuesta Arena are so warm and hospitable. I have been so fortunate to have had so much in my life, and silly to have taken most of it for granted. I have never seen people with so little, have so much. Say what? Is there such a thing as spititual wealth? I say yes there is, and these people have so much of it. So, if what we do here gives the people of Cuesta Arena or wherever more of a chance to build upon that wealth, then I say “have bags wil travel.”

Buenos Dias, Vince Perry

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