VBS this Summer

This past week I had the chance to sit down with the teachers of the various different communities and talk details about VBS this summer. We have decided to use Lifeway’s Amusement Park curriculum. During the weeks that St Paul UMC of Jacksonville and City Beautiful of Orlando will be here, the missionaries will be helping the teachers in three different communities. As St Paul UMC arrives on Tuesday we will begin our summer in Los Cocos, then Cuesta Arena, and lastly in the city bringing together groups from just outside the church, Los Salados, La Loteria, and one other location. As I met with teachers this week, we decided what of the curriculum would work and what would not fit for the kids of their communities. As we began talking about the “craft” we wanted to make sure we were not just making “trash” as many times the “craft” ends up on the ground for us to pick up later and put in the trash. We wanted to make the “craft” something the kids would use. We liked one of the crafts from Day 1 of the curriculum because it was a pencil and the children could then use it in school in the fall (plus it would have a bible verse on it). We expanded on this idea and decided to not only teach the children in the communities about God’s love during VBS but to equip them with school supplies for next school year. We decided on the following items: composition notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, and bookmarks. After going through all of our donations we still lack a few items:

1. composition notebooks (200)

2. clear packaging tape (10 rolls) St Pauls

3. construction paper (3 packs) St Pauls

4. beach balls (10 balls) St Pauls

5. square erasers (400)

6. 1 foot rulers (400)

7. tongue depressors (50) St Pauls

As St Paul and City Beautiful (and those individuals that will be joining them) prepare for their trips, please let me know if you will be able to help bring any of these donations. If anyone is able to help purchase items and get them to the groups before they come down or donate money for us to purchase the items in the DR please let me know. Unfortunately we will not be able to ship anything since we do not have enough time for the boxes to arrive. Thank you so much for your help. We are excited at the possibility of 400 children starting school with their school supplies and using them to share God’s love in their classroom!!

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