Trinity UMC- Day 2

Today was the second day we were in Cuesta Arena. We are doing VBS and working finishing the plastering of the mission house. Today when we arrived, Guillermo and his crew were already working. When I took a closer looks at his crew I noticed that Joan was one of the workers. Joan is the gentleman that we helped receive a prosthetic leg after a motor car accident. It was amazing to see God working in his life and him coming full circle and back to his life in construction.
Juancito and his family are still healing from their loss. I learned on a walk today up the hill that Yjohnny and another family member are building houses to move to Cuesta Arena. We are hoping that soon Juancito will be able to move back into the community and resume his life with his plethora of cousins and family surrounding him. It has been such a blessing to have a bilingual social worker come on the trip that has been able to talk with the family and help them through this difficult time.
It has been exciting to see Ali sit down with the children and teach them English and in return they teach her Spanish.
VBS has been exciting and completely different in Cuesta Arena than it was in Los Cocos, even though it is the same lessons. Today was the story of Jonah and the whale and the kids wrote prayers, put them in “the belly of the whale” and then lifted the prayers up to God. It was touching to see their written and drawn prayers and then have them lift them up to God.
This week we have encountered numerous new children that have come out to investigate and end up learning about Christ’s love. I can’t wait to share the rest of the lessons and come a little closer to finishing the mission house.

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