Trinity UMC May Last Day


Today is our last day. We will head out to Cuesta Arena to spend time finishing up the bathroom and play with the kids. Yesterday was mother’s day at church so we spent time loving on the mothers in the church. After church, we headed to eat lunch at Sairy’s house before heading out to Los Cocos. Los Cocos we did some bible school with the children.
Some of you may remember a little boy named Ricky in Los Cocos. He came to every church event for as long as I can remember going to Los Cocos. He would sit up front and “help” with all the answers. A few years ago him and his family moved to New York. Sadly, this week we learned that his little brother, Luis David Pena, was murdered. This week they brought the body back to be buried in Los Cocos. Yesterday we went to visit with the family, to pray, and to hold them.
On the way back we stopped at the botanical garden before heading to La Islita. Two days ago, we stopped by La Islita to see about staying there in the future with teams. We met the new Father over the facility. He is a Haitian Father and him and a nun have been ministering to the Haitian immigrants that live in various different villages around the city. Many of them are undocumented and suffer incredible abuse on the streets in the Dominican. For Mother’s Day they invited them all to La Islita to worship and celebrate together. We didn’t stay long but my understanding was the Haitian consulate was scheduled to stop by. It was a beautiful day spending time with them, listening to their worship music, watching them dance, and finding joy in this safe space.
The week has gone by so quickly! We can’t wait to see what is next for the mission here. Sairy and the church members desire a kitchen at the church!

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