Trinity UMC May 2023 Day 1 and 2


On Wednesday, after meeting in Miami, the team traveled to Santiago. Greeted at the airport by Kelfi, our driver, and Aneury, Sairy’s brother, we traveled to the hotel to check in before driving to Sairy’s home for dinner. Sairy and mami had a delicious meal prepared and we spent time with Sairy planning out the week. Unfortunately, Francisco, Sairy’s husband, has a brother that needed the family’s attention. After dinner, the team headed back to the hotel to unpack the donations and organize them for the week. It was then that the team realized that one piece of luggage had been left at the airport.

On Thursday, the team awoke and met for breakfast. The team learned that during the night Sairy’s brother in law had passed away. The team prayed for Sairy and her family before loading up the van, picking up Estella at the church, and heading out to Cuesta Arena. Greeted by the assistant teacher Luz Maria, Kendys, Guillermo y Pastor Cepeda. The team got a tour of the property and then unpacked the donations to share with Kendys. The team then spend time, walking the community and meeting with families impacted by the mission of the school. After lunch, some of the community children came up to the school to play.
The team left Cuesta Arena early to get to the airport in time to get the luggage and then stop by La Sirena to purchase some items for the school. On the way to dinner, the team stopped by the monument, getting a beautiful view of the city. Luis surprised the team by stopping by Sairy’s home at dinner. It was a full day for the team. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the school. We are excited to celebrate together with the community and see all that God has blessed this community.

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