Two and a half months seems like such a long time, but I know in two in a half months, I will be thinking how quickly it has gone by. I am excited for whatever is in store. We have the grand opening of the church in Santiago this weekend. I’m excited to Joan with his new leg, Cuesta Arena with a roof on the missionary house, and water being distributed. It has been since the end of October since I have been there and so much has changed in my life as well as in theirs. I have no idea what changes to expect after the earthquake but am hoping to make a trip to Barahona at some point.
It is hard for me to leave new friends and family that I have grown to love spending time with and can’t communicate through facebook or email. Well it looks like our flight in TPA may be on time. I will blogg again when we land tonight safely. God bless and keep us all in your prayers.

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