Three Years

This October marks the three year mark that we have been working to get our small community clean water. It has been an uphill battle I personally have struggled with physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I know through simple education that clean water to this community would have lasting affects on the quality of life 250 families would receive. Clean water would foster health, education, and longevity of life. Last October we opened the system, educated the people, and began distribution of the water. The “awkward” taste of the water stopped distribution and last February I was devastated to find out the water was no longer good. I completely shut down, angry at the situation, and questioning my great and powerful God over the worldly circumstances. The solution for the water was a large amount of money that I currently had no way of fundraising. This past spring God knocked down the barriers of funding and provided an abundance of money from numerous resources. The task suddenly seemed simple and within reach. Now, with a light at the end of the tunnel, funding available, the tides have changed once again. The new proposals require the community to be forever dependent on yearly donations. The entire project would teach the community to need outside assistance in order to maintain. The project would be more disastrous that it would be helpful in the long run.
I am reminded of a story in the Old Testament when the great and powerful army was about to go into battle and God divided the army. They complained about not having enough strength and God divided it again and again, eventually sending them to battle with only a few men versus a great and powerful enemy. The purpose was for the army to have no doubt in their mind that God won the battle, not their own strength. I do not doubt God’s presence in the midst of these water challenges. He is alive and moving and WHEN this project is completed, the only thing we will be able to say is look how amazing HE is! There is no way we could have over come these challenges without HIM.

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