The Girls Last Night

Ali, Kristie, Katie, and Marissa boarded their plane this morning for their trek home. They had an awesome two weeks with and without the Voices of Youth. Yesterday we spent the day at the house with the family. Kristie showed Freddy how to use a water system that she brought down. The girls ended their trip with queso frito and yucca. Last night we took Freddy and the boys to the plaza for ice cream and time to just spend with the girls. The boys then came back to La Islita to help us with the luggage in the morning. We talked about our favorite parts of the week. The girls all said Cuesta Arena, the food, and the family. The boys loved working side by side with all the youth in Cuesta Arena, shoveling and throwing the dirt outside the whole….especially at me!
Now with the girls gone and only less than two weeks left there is much to do. Algebra classes must begin, more social work visits must be made, and family time to soak up.

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