Thank You for A Great 2012- January 1, 2013

What an amazing end to an already blessed year! The end of December we learned the water system was completed! What a great and blessed year we have had.

1. March- Shepherd Community Church joined us for a week and began concreting the floor for the school.

2. June- a high school Status house church joined us to complete the concreting of the floor and dig the plumbing for the bathroom. We made the decision then to open the school in the fall. The church began ministering in La Loteria and El Central after VBS in each of the neighborhoods.

3. July- Sairy, Frank, and Felix visited Florida for the first time and we raised enough money to purchase the doors and windows for the school.

4. August- The Fryman family visited and we painted the school. Renewed Hope Mission, Inc received official tax exempt status.

5. August- Sarah committed to living in the DR for a year. The teacher and assistant were hired. The first meeting with interested parents was held.

6. September- The school opened and we began building relationships with new families in Cuesta Arena. Sarah also began working with the youth ministry.

7. October- The parents expressed great joy with the school. The children became accustom to the class schedule.

8. November-The children in the school celebrated Day of the Family by wearing their new uniforms. The donation from the International Rotary was received and construction on the completion of the water project began.

9. December- The children received new shoes and Bibles for Christmas. The construction on the water project was completed.

2013 brings 11 new and returning groups between February and July. Our goals concentrate on education. We will improve the preschool, provide education for the parents, water and medical education, tutoring for the older kids in Cuesta Arena, and VBS in the various community the church is located. I can not thank everyone enough for the amazing year we have had and am excited to see what God will do in 2013. We are still short of funds for the teacher ($325/month and the assistance $100/month) as well as child sponsorships ($360). If you would like to make a donation, please contact Sarah.


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