Support the Teachers- January 13, 2013


Kendys and Yeisy are our two teachers who not only teach the students in the school, they minister to the families in the community. They are the heart and soul of the school and we could not thank them enough. When we opened the school in September, we took a leap of faith! We are still taking every month as it comes and trusting God in the little and big steps we take. We are still in need of the next 5 months of salary for both Kendys and Yeisy.

Kendys is a single mom. She has a degree in Psychology and Education. She has been a member of the church for years and served with missionaries helping to translate. She travels the 20 minutes every morning on public transportation to be in Cuesta Arena and teach at the school. Her salary is $325/month.

Yeisy is a college student, born and raised in Cuesta Arena. In exchange for her help in the school, we cover her transportation into the university and help with books. She has been an amazing addition to the school and a role model to the students to study hard and make education important. Her support is $100/month. Please contact me if you or your church are able to help!

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