St Pauls UMC- Sierra Taylor- August 4, 2017

Sierra Taylor Today we visited Cuesta Arena and Los Cocos. At Cuesta Arena we sang songs and went to different stations in the school. One station the kids drew what they wanted to be. At another they painted a word on the wall that described them to finish the sentence Soy Alguien… At the last and final station they were able to tie dye a shirt that had Soy Alguien on it. I went around with 6 girls ages 10-13 and was able to go through that process with them. At Los Cocos we sang and danced. I was upfront with another missionary Shelby dancing in front of the kids and everyone else. It was my first time doing something like that and it was fun. We also acted out some professions for the kids to guess what they were. When it was all done we went and hung out watched them play basketball and just play around. The kids at both places were so sweet and i bonded with so many of them. I didn’t want to leave either. It will be so hard to say goodbye once its all over. 

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