St Paul UMC Shelby Schlicht August 6, 2017

A bittersweet ending to an amazing week, even after visiting 4 times it’s still hard to leave the kids in Cuesta Arena. Before coming on this trip it didn’t feel like I was actually coming, which is strange considering I’m usually so excited that I have a countdown till I leave. Even after landing and stepping out of the airport I didn’t feel connected. But that all changed once we arrived in Cuesta Arena and I saw Jose Miguel, Yoelsy and many others running towards us. It immediately reminded me why I continue to come back, to share God’s love and put a smile on their faces. Coming here makes me just as happy as it makes the kids. I think I didn’t feel connected before coming because I haven’t been devoting enough time to my faith. I recently moved out of my parents house which resulted in me working a lot, so I haven’t made it to church in months. I lost my connection with God but I know he brought me on this trip for a reason. We did a lesson with the kids in Cuesta Arena about being renewed and it’s exactly what I needed to here. I need to renew my relationship with God and make time for him. Later on Saturday we went to a concert for the Toronto Mass Choir, at first I wasn’t too excited assuming it was all in Spanish and church concerts tend to be boring. But soon after entering, they had my full attention. It was unlike any concert I’ve been to because I felt connected, like I had renewed my relationship with God. They did a mix of Spanish and English in their songs, and they were all songs I hadn’t heard in forever but some of my favorites. I feel God’s love and I can feel him working in him. 

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