St Paul UMC Johnathan DeClue August 5, 2017

Johnathan DeClue August 5

First thing we did this morning was wake up and do our devos. Then we went to Pastora’s house to eat breakfast. Then we went to Cuesta Arena. We had a scavenger hunt were the kids had to go find different professions like farmer, fisher men, teacher, pastor, and astronaut. I had the older boys and we went to the farmer first. Steve went to go fill up his water bottle and I didn’t hear him so we left him behind when he came out he didn’t know were we went so he walked all the way to the baseball field then remember that baseball isn’t a profession that we were doing and had to walk all the way back to us. By the time he got back to us the boys were already done with the scavenger hunt. We did some painting on the school. We had played some volleyball with the kids and they are some really energetic kids also intense at volleyball. During all that we were letting the kids tie die the clothes they wanted to. After we asked some kids if they wanted to go with us to the river. So some kids came with and when we got there we saw horses across the way and we took some pictures of them. One boy named Yordali had started to poke at some thing in a hole. I did not know what it was and when it came out it was a huge frog. He picks it up from the back and the girls started to like freak out which was funny so they were like pushing it towards them. Then we all started to walk further towards the river. We found a wall of like hardened dirt. There were a lot of rocks just laying on the ground around it so we started to throw the rocks and some pieces would fall. We did that for like 30 to 45 minutes. Then we started to walk back and on the ground was a rock that was shaped like a egg so I kept it. On the way back Yordali and two of his friends found like a little stream that was pushing the water like how rapids would. They jumped in and blocked the water and then released it so it would punch them. There was a little tiny bridge of sorts. They went under the bridge and its low to the water. We kept walking and took a group picture with everyone with the mountains in the background then we took a St.Paul picture. We went back to the school and my little buddy, Jose Miguel, came up to me and gave me a hug since he didn’t go with us. He is a little boy but very energetic and he has the cutest laugh and smile. Everyone hung out for about like 15 to 30 minutes then we left. I sat in the back just in front of Steve. Him and Juancito were playing a card game named casino I personally have never heard of it. Then we went back to the rooms and showered and now we are a Pastora’s house hanging out waiting to go to the church concert. 

So far this trip has been the most fun I have ever had any summer and I cant wait to come back for the next time our church comes.

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