Sarah Rosenburg- August 30, 2012

Fresh Thyme!

Last night at bible study, hermano Jimmy talked with us about health.  He talked about the importance of eating vegetables and fruit and not just queso frito and yucca. He encouraged us to go to the street market and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables to eat. This morning, we did just that! Sairy and I headed to the market down my the church and walked the streets buying fresh everything. I was amazed at what 250 pesos or less than $10 could buy! I could not help but think how far food stamps would go if people could buy fruit and vegetables at these prices instead of the cost in the States. Out of our purchases…fresh thyme. A bundle for 20 pesos (less than $1). Thyme reminds me of good times with friends and cooking adventures. It made me smile to see fresh thyme!

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