Santiago after the quake

Many of you have asked about the condition of our friends in the Dominican Republic after the earthquake. I have talked with Pastora Sairy and missionary friends Kim and Damon and they are all doing well. Santiago is far enough away from Port au Prince, though they felt some of the shake, their buildings suffered no damage. When I return in Feb I will be able to give a better account of the after math. I know there are thousands of Haitians that have been taken over the border to get medical care. Santiago has a huge hospital that could possibly recieve patients. Unfortunately we have not heard from anyone in the Barahona or Duverge area which we have missionaries and friends. We are still waiting to hear word from them.
As for the safety of future trips, know that even though they share one island, they are two different countries. Haiti was not a stable place before the earthquake and one of the biggest reasons for the vast devistation was the construction of the buildings without steel reinforcements. The buildings in the Dominican Republic for the most part are all built with steel inside the concrete. This makes a significant difference in the stability of the building. We continue to pray for our neighbors in Haiti and when I know more I will share.

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