Rainy Sunday

Today was the last day with Voices of Youth. They sung in church this morning and then the church shared some of their “hits” with the missionaries. It was a wonderful service of music. The team headed to the airport for their 230 flight getting there just in time before all the other missionaries showed up and flooded American Airlines. I returned back to the house to meet up with Ali, Kristie, Marissa, and Katie. We got some siesta time in and then headed to the Monument. We picked up Freddy and brought him to the house to look at a small water system that Kristie brought. It makes a chloride chemical to put into the water and kill off bacteria. Freddy is going to take the system and look at it. The girls have their last night in the country before they head home tomorrow morning. They are ending their trip with yucca and queso frito!!

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