Public Transportation

This past week I rode the public transportation in Santiago. There are buses that take passengers from one city to the next and then there are the routes. Each route has a letter signifying their route. The cost is 20 pesos (38 pesos is $1). You ride until you get off. Luis rode with me to the church. We walked to the plaza and jumped in an old 1980s Toyota Camry that already had 4 people and the driver. Along the way we picked up more and dropped some off. We then got out just after Calle del Sol and walked the rest of the way to the church. It was so easy and so cheap. Though for safety reason, it would never fly in the US since there are usually about 6-8 people in a 4 passenger car, it is a brilliant idea. It is so easy once you know the routes. The problem being that their is no map of the routes. You just have to learn them or by asking someone. Up until my view of these route cars has been that of aggravation since they just stop in the middle of the street or cut across traffic to pick up people on the side of the road.
Today we will once again take the route to church. This time probably with three people.
These are the parts I love about being here alone because this is not something I can do with 12 missionaries.

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