Preparing for the Team- July 30, 2017

I flew in last night to help the family prepare for the team’s arrival on Tuesday. Sunday was Father’s Day here in the Dominican and the church celebrated with bells and whistles. The church was decorated with mustaches and ties and even had a photo booth. Buses came from each of the areas the church works in. The sanctuary was full. The children from La Otra Banda (Daisy’s house) performed a dance, wearing their tutus donated by Traveling Tutus, Inc. The children from Los Cocos had 2 performances, one with all the kids (at least 30) and one with 3 (Carolina’s kids plus one). Each honoring fathers in their own performance. Sunday night we went to Dialagando, Sairy’s TV show, which aired for the last time last time. Kendys came to talk about the kids getting ready to go back to school, Luis did his shoutouts, and they had many other visitors. Sairy stated she needed a break. Sunday nights after a full day at church have been had on her. Last night we didn’t get home til after 11pm (mostly because we were getting lemoncillos from someone’s yard).

This week, the group from St. Paul UMC in Jacksonville, joined by the one and only Barba Rosa (Jordan), will be working with the adolescents in Cuesta Arena (Juancito, Odalis, Jordalis, Javielito, Heidi, Orisleidy). We are doing a “camp” titled Soy Alguien (I am someone) to talk about identity, value, and worth. Kendys has already started working with them and a change can already been seen. They have been attending church on Sundays and their demeanor is different. I am excited to see what this week will bring.

We have also recruited a new missionary. Juancito will be coming to spend the week with the team, eating, sleeping, and riding along. He is excited to join the crew! 

There are lots of exciting plans for the week. We will be visiting Cuesta Arena each day, and spending some time in Los Cocos, La Otro Banda, and a new group that Sairy has been working with close to the church with over 30 kids. Each day we hope to have the team members blog on their experience and provide updates on the weeks events. Stay tuned…..the team arrived Tuesday night. Please pray for safe travels as Tropical Storm Emily will be passing over Florida during their day of travel.

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