Prayers for Haiti

Tonight we talked to one of the men that is CEO of Global Orphan Project about Orphanages and Haiti. He had amazing things to say and he asked for some specific prayers so I thought I would blog so those prayers can be shed. The first is for Haiti in general. Prayer for a spiritual revival of the people. He has seen God use people in dramatic ways to make dramatic changes in the lives of those around them. Pray that the people will be awakened by God and have the courage to move in the lives of those around them. Secondly, pray for a positive change in the government in the next election. With a president that can make positive, uncorrupt changes to the government, this country can be revialized much like Rowanda in Africa. Lastly, for the people that are working so hard in this country, pray for perserverance. We learned today that many villages suffered a flood and after being overwhelmed by the earthquake, the same people who provided the aid are being stretched further. Pray that God will provide them with the energy and stregnth they need. The last thing he said was how much these children can minister to us if we let them. I have definately experienced this in Cuesta Arena but he did say one thing differently. He said to open up our own brokeness and allow these broken children to heal our own brokeness. What an amazing thought! God using broken children to heal our own brokeness.
Today was an amazing day. We played with the orphans all day. They were in constant need of love and attention. It was very difficult to no be able to communicate with the children. I now understand what it is like for my teams to come and not be able to communicate. Tomorrow the team flies into Port au Prince. We aren’t exactly sure what we will be doing or where we will be staying so I might loose internet connection.

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