Paisley Stufft- June 13, 2012

Today started off by not being able to go to sleep till 1am, and when I got my wake up bang on the room door that I’m staying in at 6:30am this morning I didn’t think that today was going to go very well. But then once I took a nice cold wake up shower this morning, and took out my CRT’s (my contacts) I had like this feeling of peace and confidence come over me. After all the 11 girls got ready and out to the devotional spot faster than the 6 guys. I couldn’t help but think “I thought it was always the guys waiting on the girl to get ready to go, not the other way around”. Once the devotional was over with we pilled up into a bus which is the means of transportation that we have for this trip instead of two vans like normal. We then went to the pastor’s house and ate an AMAZING breakfast and fixed sandwiches for the day of work. I love our van because it’s the only thing here with AIR CONDITIONING which makes me supper happy, because that means after were done working for the day we all get to get into a nice cold van to ride to our next destination in. Today was day one of us all here working on the school building; we were digging trenches around the outside of the school building for the plumbing, and finishing up the laying down the floor for the concrete to be laid down. There concrete down here is green like guacamole; I mostly just hung out with the kids and got a bunch of great pictures, these kids down here are amazing. To see the way that their faces all light up and they smile was such an incredible sight to get to be involved in. I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow, because then I will get to see the same children all over again. Over all I think that this day was amazing, I thought that I was going to hate being so sweaty and sticky but I guess when it’s when your doing work for the Lord and helping out others that don’t really have very much at all to start with. You are just exited to where its like a cloak of honor. Even though I got a blister on my left hand that hurts a little it was still a great day. Thank you to my mother and father and other friends and family that have supported me finically to get here. And then thank you even more to all my friends and family that have been and continue to pray for me to be safe and for my group of friends that have come with me as well. I love you mom and dad thank you so very much.

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