Our last day

Today is our last day here. It’s always so hard to leave this place. This trip has been so amazing. It’s very different when we don’t have a big group of people because I feel like you really get to experience the culture. We have done so much in a very small amount of time. We have been to Los Cocos, Cien Fuegos, Los Solados, Cuesta Arena, and Santiago. We have been able to help pass out food, experience a funeral, sing, dance, make crafts, and just spend time with each other and with our Dominican friends. Church gave me goosebumps today. There was a group of women from another church that came and did a dance. It was fantastic. The women were up there just completely worshipping God. You could just see how He was moving in the church today. It is always a cool thing to see how contagious God is even when you might not understand all the words to a song. God is bigger than that. There were a lot of children at the church today and I was so happy to see all of them there. It gave us a chance to say goodbye one more time. I was talking to one little boy named Wilson and he asked me to go back to Cuesta Arena with him. He said I could just stay in his house and live there. I told him I would do just that but I had to get my suitcase. We both laughed. He has no idea how much I would like to take him up on that offer. After church we all ate together and rested. We were able to just hang out at pastora’s house and enjoy the day. Today is Sarah and Dilicia’s birthday. We are having a little party for them tonight. We bought chips and cake and balloons and we are going to have a little fiesta. I learned so much on this trip, as I do every time. I can’t wait to be able to share more when I return home to Florida. God is beautiful and so are the people of the Dominican Republic. I’ll be back soon. =)

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