October 19, 2009- Scott Billue

Well we’re wrapping things up here in the DR as far as our work goes. The Highlight of the day was when Grande El Toro hit an out of the Park Homerun while playing baseball with the kids. Who is Grande El Toro? Brian The Chicken Whisperer of course! This afternoon my little friend Maria looked up at Brian and said Grande El Toro…. Yes, Big Bull! Hummmmm… wonder what she meant.
Leaving here is once again hard as I have fallen in love with these people all over again. It was good spending time with friends I had met before and it was fun getting to know more of these folks and wondering what God may have in store for them. We were told one of the younger girls was recently diagnosed as HIV positive and that her mother had died from Aids. To know that such a young, bright and beautiful child is HIV positive in a place with no or very little medical care simply breaks my heart. Every day as we arrive and when we leave, the children all come running alongside the Van laughing and waving… it’s just too cool. However today there were a few tears and both sides of the windows.
This is likely my last Blog before returning home so I will use it to one last time encourage all that read to prayerfully consider coming along with us on a future trip and to also keep the children and our other wonderful friends in Cuesta Arenas in prayer. Life changing is all I can say… I beg God to forgive me for taking so much for granted as my life is truly blessed beyond measure. I have an amazing Wife who puts up with me, 3 beautiful daughters I am very proud of, 2 very cool grandchildren (and 1 on the way!) and even a Dog and a Cat that think I am pretty alright. Just how great is my life! God is so good!
Did I mention how much I Love my Air-conditioning and Toilets! Yes… How could I end without some Potty Talk? I just cannot wait to get home to both!
Blessings to you all! God willing we will see you soon!
May each of you live your life as if it belonged to Him! James 1:22

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