October 19, 2009- Brian Vail

Good evening, day 6. When my wife was running marathons she would tell me about mile 16. During a marathon the 16th mile is usually when a runner hits a wall and feels if maybe they can’t go on anymore. I thought this morning, today was my 16th mile. I awoke very tired and with terrible sinus issues. We took Bill to the Airport, saw him off then we had breakfast. We then went to the village where I had plans on installing the rest of the plumbing and the electrical runs. When we arrived the workers were still finishing the forms for the second floor and were not ready for us to do any work. Soooo, we played with the kids and from this point on I knew I could finish the race. Scott and I grabbed some Frisbees and began throwing them with some of the kids. Pam, for a guy with a bad back he can still throw a mean Frisbee, I was impressed. We then all went to the Baseball field to play a game. Pam Billue, your husband knows his limitations and sat and watched, me on the other hand at age 40 am still learning mine. Yes, my loving wife, I played. Now just for the record I have not hit a baseball in 10 years or more, and believe me these guys down here know how to play the game. Well to make things quick I did not do too bad I even hit a homerun, yes out of the park. Sorry, when you do that when you’re in my shape you have to gloat. After the game we returned to the village and handed out the new baseballs to the kids and wrote their names on them, each and every kid had a big smile. We then said our goodbyes, lots of hugs, these kids will always be in my heart. We then went to the church in town and painted the upstairs. So we did accomplish some work today. Tomorrow we will head to the beach and take in some sites then on Wednesday head home. I am looking forward to seeing my family; Abby I have missed seeing you and having the chance of wakening you up each morning. This trip has truly been a life changing event for me and at some point I hope to return knowing that I have brothers and sisters in Christ here in the Dominican Republic. God Bless.

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