October 18, 2009 Scott Billue

This will be a short one this evening as I was falling asleep over a dinner of Pork Chops, Broccoli & Cheese, a Cabbage Cole Slaw and Rice followed by some Flan… we are not starving!

This morning was very cool, though I missed NEXT and our amazing group of folks; I truly enjoyed our time of worship with these people of God and was blessed to be in their presence. There were times I was brought to tears as they sang familiar worship songs but in Spanish. They worshiped with no concern for what anyone thought. By the way… I got a round of applause for my sermon this morning… that never happens at home! lol I think it is obvious they didn’t understand a thing I said. All kidding aside, Roberto (Robert) translated for me. He was a real blessing however we agreed it was hard and we may not be doing that again soon.

Again our times with the children were the highlight for all of us. My ankle acting up is kind of a blessing as it has allowed me to spend even more time with them. One of my buddies, Ruby, is a Polly Parrot as she can repeat everything I say and use the same tone. She is too funny but then won’t show anyone else when I ask her to and then when people walk away she will laugh or wink at me.

Lastly, but surly not least, we had a celebration this afternoon/evening and Robert gave a presentation to the people of the village with regard to how the water filtration worked and we gave everyone samples. They seemed very excited with the idea of fresh water being so assessable to them for the first time. The things we take for granted.

Ok… I am done… beat, tore up! It is time to move on as we prepare for another big day in the Village. Tomorrow we are playing Electrical Contactors as we are running wire throughout the Mission House that one day with house 25 people right there in the village. So start praying and making your own plans to come and serve!

Blessings to all and to all a good night!

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