October 17, 2009- Scott Billue

Hello again… well here we are again suffering from a case of the Kanckles in beautiful Cuesta Arenas … hopefully they will not be a huge distraction while I am preaching tomorrow morning. I am really excited about tag teaming with Pastora as she has a wonderful spirit about her and truly loves her flock and community. Please keep us in prayer as I pray God will use me to be an encouragement to her and to her people.
Today was a little rough being my ankles were so swollen and I was a bit dehydrated but it gave me a lot of extra time just hanging out with the children, playing games and learning my Spanish. (haha) But truth be told I would not have traded my time with them for anything. There is simply something special about spending time here and learning the culture and history of this village. Tomorrow after worship we will head over to the village for a celebration and the “Grand Opening” so to speak of the Water System. Today almost all the water we drank came straight from the Well & Filtration System. If I don’t do an update tomorrow it is likely I have died from some strange water related sickness. 😉 Brian, Bill and David started drinking yesterday and they are still with us although Brian’s behavior is suspect at times and he does have an egg like odor permeating from him throughout his sleep time. I will pray over him tonight before bedtime in hopes that I live through the possible side effects of the water that have damaged Brian’s system.
I have to tell you all, I could not be more proud than I am to have Brian here with me and representing NEXT Community Church. His oversized heart has shown through in ways that I have no words to describe. God has truly called him to be here along side of me and I have been blessed by our time together,
Ok…. they are telling me we have to go… as we still have our evening time together. So with that, keep us in prayer and know we love you all! Oh, and start saving so you can come back with us next time. Who knows how God may use you> I can’t wait to see what He does next. Peace!

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