October 17, 2009- Brian Vail

Good Saturday evening, day 4. Today we traveled back to the village after a fantastic breakfast of flapjacks and fried eggs at the pastora’s house. When we arrived at the village we were taken on a walk by the children. They love to show you their homes, they do not have much but what they do have they are proud of. It really makes you appreciate what we have. After seeing the homes we ventured to the river that is about a 20 minute walk, Scott thought it was longer of course. Once we got to the river the view was beautiful and it did not take long for the kids to start swimming. Watching them was neat, just being kids, not a worry in the world. We then went back to the village I was fortunate enough to carry one of the boys, Juancito age 7, on my shoulders. His face lit up when I put him up there he kept telling everyone “que grande”, or in english “how tall I am”. We worked on the drain field line and finished up some patch work on the pump house walls today. Tomorrow we will attend Church around 9 and do the children’s church with them and then listen to Scott and Robert do the sermon and then back to the village to have a big celebration to pass out the water. Sarah wants me to let you all know to go to the picture tab also to see the pictures we have taken. Once again thanks for all your prays and support be blessed.

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