October 16, 2009- Scott Billue

Well I am proud to say I am still upright after yet another day of amazing physicality and another sleepless night sharing a room with the “Chicken Whisperer” (Brian). Really, y’all should see him talk with the chickens… I swear they perk right up and listen to him. (I am sure they are saying to one another… that’s one Big Chicken!)

In any case, Brian has gotten over his toilet issues. Oddly enough once he saw the Tarantula waiting for us as we arrived at our Sleeping Quarters. (Bigger than Sarah’s hand) he forgot about everything else. Ok… enough Potty Talk (although there is so much more to share):)

We started the morning with a devotion while the sun was still coming up. We loved hanging out as it was the coolest time of the day. The day only got better and more amazing as we arrived for another day in the Village. (I want to encourage each of you reading this to prayerfully consider joining us on a future trip.) The children will steal your heart like nothing you have ever experienced. Today they seemed especially fascinated with my hair as all had to come and touch. hummmmmmm. One of my favorites, Maria, sat on my lap today for the longest time as she read to me. Maria doesn’t get to school often so it is wonderful just seeing her continue to grow and blossom socially.

My other little friend (Jordaly) sat on my lap as Pastora and I talked about ministry and our shared vision of spreading the gospel. Jordaly kept playing with my ears while we talked. Not sure what that was all about but I think he just loved being loved on.

Ok, now it just sounds like I just hang out but I promise I am working right alongside with the others. My main job today was working on the additional Drain Field for the Septic that will serve for both the Pump House and Mission House (Back to toilets)

Ok… the Big ONE! This afternoon the first drinkable water was taken from the Well. As water began to pump through the system people started to gather around and so we passed out cups… On year, nearly to the week, from when we first broke ground we now have Fresh Healthy Water flowing in Cuesta Areas! Praise God!

Robert had the opportunity to minister to the Village Drunk. I don’t know what Robert said but the next thing I knew the man was praying with him! Roberts good like that. Brian was blown away and I just thanked God that Robert is… well… Robert.

David, Sarah, Brian, Bill and I have all come together really well. God has an amazing way of forming just the right Team when He calls His people together. Bill (MacGyver) can build anything from a match box, paper clip and a pen and Brian and David are not afraid of trying anything when it comes to building or mechanical. Did I mention Robert and I look good in shorts… and we sweat… a lot!

Miss you all… but Pammy, if you are reading this, know I love you so much for allowing me to pursue the call and calls God places on my life. Without you… none of this works. And girls… Daddy loves you too for putting up with me… one of the kids today called me Pastor Loco. All I could do was think of my girls. What must they think of me? lol

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