October 15, 2009- Brian Vail

Good Morning day 3. We went to the village yesterday and also the hardware store, their version of Home Depot, very different experience you must check out at each department then proceed to the front where there is another cashier to check you out, then to the bagger that goes through your stuff again to make sure you only have what you bought, then to the doorman who checks you out again. We then proceeded to the village to begin our work along with 17 sticks of 20ft PVC pipe tied to our roof of the van. Once we arrived at the village work began Scott and I began sanding the counter top and then applied a coat of polyurethane, which Scott enjoyed because of all the colors he began to see from the fumes. We then began to pour the concrete of the columns of the main building. Read Roberts blog to see how that went. We are now finishing breakfast and are heading to the village again today. Will blog later with today’s events.

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