October 15-, 2009- Robert

Well, we just finished another awesome dinner prepared by Mommy (the Pastor’s mother)and she topped it off with a juicy flan…but this is not why we came here. Earlier today we went to the local hardware store, and it took 7 of us to purchase 2 bags of “stuff” that we needed in about one hours time. Afterwords we had to cross the street in order to tie 2 four inch pvc pipes and 15 1/2 inch pipes. The store employee easily ties all of these to the top of our mini van, which did not have any railings on the roof…all turned out well, we made it to our destination: Cuesta Arenas.

Once we got there we barely had enough time to settle our bags down and a local man called Domingo inmmediately went to the concrete pile and began to mix. Within minutes Guillermo, a young, handsome, and well dressed man, strolls in via his motorcycle. He jumped on the walls of the church and waited for us to begin carrying 2 gallons of concrete in each pale. So there we were going back and forth, over and over and over and over and over again. We filled 7 by the end of the day. I have not seen a gym in over 3 years…I can’t wait to see how we all feel tomorrow.

Praise God some things got done, He is sooo good!!!!

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