October 14, 2009- Scott Billue

Hello from the DR! We are praising God that Brian is coming to terms that he will not be allowed to flush toilet paper wherever there is a toilet. However, when he found out that the village has no toilets new concerns arose.

We were met at the Airport by Pastora and Freddie who oddly enough were very happy to see me. She beleives I am a work in progress and told me they are still asking questions about my last Sermon here. I told her that as the prodical I was expecting a party. Instead Mommy had prepared a lovely meal for us that we are just finishing at 10:00 PM before partaking in some very strong coffee to help us sleep and sweat out the sin in our lives. Brian is going to Hell because he chose not to drink any. We still have hope that he has a chance to get into Heaven on my coat tail. The good news is that Sarah will be driving him there and after seeing her drive it is a good possibility that we may all die or at least she is going to kill a few of the mopeders along the way.

All kidding aside, we all feel amazingly blessed already as a certain calmness has set in as we prepare for the days ahead. May God use us in however He see fit and may we come closer to Him in whatever it takes.

Blessings to all! James 1:22

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