Oct 4, 2018 Christ Venice

Today we loaded up and headed out to Cuesta Arena for our last day of work. On our way we stopped at the clinic in Alto de Yaca where Kelfi’s sister, Daniella works. She helped us to buy more medicine and gave us a tour of the clinic. The director of the clinic invited us back to use the facility to see patients in the future.

Upon arrival in Cuesta Arena we had to get out half way up the hill due to the rain the night before making the bus slide down the hill. We walked the rest of the way and unloaded school supplies purchased the previous day to reveal to Kendys. She was elated to see a new volleyball net and a basketball hoop for the kids to play with.

We worked today to finish the playground as much as we could without the slide and will hopefully keep working on finding a slide. Pastor Sepeda was there today to help and walked with us through the community. I learned today that the pitcher for the Aguillas, Richard Rodriguez grew up in Cuesta Arena. They also think he has played for the Orioles in the states for the past 2 years and now plays for the Pirates.

On the way home we drove up Calle del Sol and stopped at the monument to see across the city. We got back to La Islita to shower just in time for the rain to come. Tomorrow we will head to Cabarette and have a day of relaxation together.

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