Oct 3, 2018 Christ Venice

Today we went to the church for the medical clinic. The team set up the supplies and Ron, Kelfi and I went to buy supplies for the school. We purchased a new volleyball net and ball, glue, bulletin boards, basketball net, play dough, and much more. We went to the hardware store and got the rest of the supplies needed for the playground, minus the slide. We will continue to search the country for the slide but are unsure where to buy a huge pvc tube like the one we are searching for.

At the church, the team saw over 100 patients throughout the day, needing to purchase even more medications. Ron, Kelfi, Yanela, Juan and I went to the children’s hospital and other pharmacies around town to look for medications. The pharmacies has a limit of how many they will sell a single person so they themselves don’t run out. On our quest we picked up Yosaira, Kelfis wife to come meet the team and hang out for a bit before heading back to take care of the kids.

We wrapped up the clinic seeing some of the church members who have been helping all week in the clinics. We attempted to stop at the monument but dark clouds and lightening stopped the tour short and we headed back just before the rain came to shower before dinner.

Juan (or Juancito to me) is back with us tonight. He can only miss so many days of school so he can back yesterday to stay with us until Saturday. He had a big night, purchasing his first cell phone, and in my opinion gaining some independence. He is 16 now and Sairy and I felt it was important for him to have something for her to reach him on and something to look up information for homework. He was extático coming back from the plaza with Kelfi and Felix with his new phone.

Tomorrow we have our last day in Cuesta Arena. We have not found the tube to use for the slide so we will finish what we can on the playground and leave money for Pastora to look for it. We have our last day in the clinic and are thankful for Doctora Rina for coming 4 days to help, paying someone to cover her shifts at the hospital to come serve with the team.

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