Oct 24, 2019 Christ Venice

Thursday we headed to Cuesta Arena. The team set up the clinic and the dentist set up her station. Chen and Nancy set up their table to do crafts with kids and I joined the construction team to mix concrete for the basketball court. We spent most of the day carrying water, dirt, or concrete in wheelbarrows. Kelfi, Henry, and I mixed most of the concrete, shoveling it into the wheelbarrows. At about 3pm, most of the team was finished with their tasks and we were just finishing with our mix, but still about a quarter of the court still needing to be done. We got out more concrete to mix and the rest of the team went on a walk in the community. We finished up just in time for the rain to come. We had to quickly get loaded up on the bus so we didn’t get stuck in the rain. The kids played on the swings and Frank got us down some coconuts to taste. We came back to La Islita to shower and change and then headed to Sairys house for dinner. The team enjoyed being in her home and sharing a meal with her family. Francisco also stopped by for the team to meet.

When I got to the house, Sairy gave me a bag of lemoncillos. Lemoncillos are a Caribbean fruit that I love but they only ripen in August. Since I wasn’t able to be here in August, I missed my lemoncillos this year. Sairy said on the way home she saw some one selling them on the street and stopped to buy them for me.

Today is Friday. We have to clean up this morning to leave La Islita and will go to a new place. We will drop our things off at the new place and head out to Cabarete to enjoy the beach. Sairy and Lulu then have something special planned for dinner tonight.

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