Oct 23, 2019 Christ Venice

The past few days the team worked Wednesday at the church in Santiago and Thursday in Cuesta Arena. Wednesday we got to the church and set up the clinic downstairs and the dentist set up upstairs. Pastor Sepeda put on his microphone and portable speaker to walk the streets and announce the clinic throughout Santiago.

Chen and Nancy loaded up with Sairy and Kendys and headed to a school. They used the felt board to tell stories to the children. Chen and Nancy raved about how amazing Kendys was and her interaction with the children. Nancy told us a story about how she saw a paper dove in the classroom and asked the teacher if it represented the Holy Spirit. Nancy said the teacher said “no, we made those to remember 9/11”. The teacher then gave Nancy the dove and a few more doves.

Back at the church, the construction crew was busy painting the wall around the church. They were able to paint the inside and outside of the entire wall around the church, pausing only when it rained and for lunch.

The clinic had a constant flow a people through it all day. There were two particular patients that had a very a high blood pressure. One was a street vendor. Dr. Pete had him stay with us a while to see if it would come back down. We offered him food and water but he didn’t want to eat. The team prayed with members from the church here over him and we eventually had to send him on his way, requesting he see a doctor immediately. He had never heard of having high blood pressure prior to this moment.

Daisy brought through her crew of new baseball players. All guys in their early teens that play baseball close to her home in La Otra Banda. They come to her home for bible study and she ministers to them. It was so sweet to hear them call her “mami Daisy”. They all have the dream of coming to the states to sign and play. One of the boys has a particularly high blood pressure. We gave him the same precautions. Daisy asked for prayers as they pursue a specialist to make sure it doesn’t prevent him from getting signed.

Dr. Pete got out his balloons at the end and the baseball team instantly transitioned from being teenagers to kids eager for their sword or helmet or both. They began playing and posing for pictures with their balloon. Daisy had them clean up the clinic and they wore their balloons as they cleaned.

Wednesday even we showered and ate and went to La Sirena. Kendys gave me a list of needs for the school and I bought most of what she needed. Surprisingly, Christmas decorations covered the store.

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