Oct 22, 2019 Christ Venice

This morning we headed out to Cuesta Arena for day two of the clinic. The dental team from public health was there before us seeing patients when we arrived. We set up the clinic and started seeing patient immediately. Chen and Nancy set up a table under the mango tree and started doing crafts with the kids. Larry, Gary, and Lake took off the forms for the concrete on the basketball pole and filled in the hole. Kelfi, his dad, and brother in law started work immediately on the new swing set. The guys dug the holes for the posts and after lunch began the process of mixing concrete and putting in wheel barrows to fill the holes of the posts. The clinic was filled most of the day and many got sunglasses and reading glasses. The dentist worked until the end of the day, extracting and cleaning teeth. At the end of the day, I walked up to Dona Carmen and Frank’s house with some of the team and they were gracious enough to allow us to see their home. Estafanie lives next door and Guellermo and Estafanie’s husband were hard at work putting an addition onto the house. We walked up toward Christian’s house and his mom invited us in as well, offering chairs to sit. We headed back to find the team nearly ready to leave. Tonight after dinner we plan to head to La Sirena and buy supplies for the school….and maybe some icecream.

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