Oct 2, 2018 Christ Venice

Today we were greeted at the house by Pastora as she left with a list to go buy more medicine for the clinic. We loaded up the bus after eating breakfast and making sandwiches and headed out to Cuesta Arena. We were greeted by more people waiting in the clinic, including Anyelo, Manuels younger brother, and his mom.

The clinic was set up and began running, seeing 30 people today. Ron and I headed outside to help Kelfi and his dad unload the new wood to start the first part of the playground for the slide. They marked off the place were the posts go and we began to dig a hole for each of the 4 posts 2 feet deep. We set up two tall posts and left the rest for Kelfis dad and brother in law to finish.

We loaded up the bus and met people at the church before heading to a women’s rehab center. Located toward the northern side of the city, the center was started by a man who graduated from the rehab facility in Los Cocos we used to visit. He currently runs a mens facility which holds 58 men and a women’s facility that holds 18 women. Currently, between the women’s and men’s facilities they house people ages 14-71 years old which suffer from drug or alcohol addiction or mental health issues. 33 of the people in their centers will never graduate into the community but be cared for until the end. The others will attend a 8-12 month rehab program and return to the community. We passed out health kits and saw 33 people in the center.

It was a great day and more medicine was purchased to make sure we have enough for the clinic tomorrow in the church in Santiago and in Cuesta Arena.

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