My Sincerest Apologies

I would like to start by apologizing to everyone for this morning. I’m pretty sure God was so present in our worship service this morning and therefore could not have been anywhere else. I think Sundays are one of my favorite days. One because I get to see so many of my friends and hermanos in worship. Two because I know God will reveal Himself. It excites me every Sunday. The music is so powerful, even if you do not even understand the smallest bit of Spanish. For those that do understand Spanish, it is so personal and intimate. There is dancing and praising like you have never seen before. This morning Juan Manuel gave the message. He is just an amazing leader and father. It has been amazing to see his growth and transformation over the years.

This afternoon we drove up to Sabeneta to visit with Sairy’s very old and sick grandmother. It was difficult for Sairy to see her grandmother in the condition she was in but it was good for her to go. All of the family was present with children running everywhere.

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