My boys

Now that the family has moved we have begun to settle into the new place. I am reminded how much of Sairy’s and therefore my work is daily and continuous. As Sairy runs around town from errand to errand between her family and the church, I have spent much of my time with her or the boys. I have begun to ask questions about the lives of “mis hermanos” (my brothers). The more I learn, the more I pray.
The house is currently calm with only Sairy, Frank, Felix, Dilcia, Lourdes, Luis, Jenry, and I here on a daily basis. Francisco is in Santo Domingo a lot but the faces of Felix and Frank light up when they see his car parked knowing they will have time with Papi.
We are currently doing VBS at the church in Santiago. Yesterday two boys showed up, so we have VBS with them then invited them to tell their friends. They came because years ago some missionaries did VBS and they had such a good time that when they heard the church was doing it again, they decided to come. Seeds were planted in these two boys. Hopefully today there will be more and the plan is to bring Jenry and Luis and have then play soccer. Most of the children around the church are now teenagers so we are hoping to connect them to the group of “jovenes” in the church.
Frank and Felix have been gone to soccer camp this week so must of my time is spent with Luis and Jenry. I have grown to love all the boys so much and get excited when new groups come, especially teenagers so they can meet more friends in Christ.

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