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Today was a very fun day. We went to the beach and swam and took a walk the water felt good!!! Then I went back to hang with Scott and Freddy was there!!!! Then I was washing my face and abbs of steal off and it was cold!!!!!!!!! So the Scott his camera out and took a bunch of pics of me doing the cold dance!!! IT WAS COLD!!!!!! So the we went back to the house and ate of course the food was amazing and wanting to take Pastoras mom home for her to cook for me so then that gave me the idea for my man Freddy to come drive for us at the church !!!!! I love him!!!!!!!! So then it was time for us to go back home and pack and as we were leaving it was so hard to say good bye!!! Like my saying it takes a couple of seconds to say hi and takes forever to say good bye I almost teared up being the manly man I am cause I drive a 1988 ford pick up truck !!! lol it was a great day and I cant wait to come back o ya Freddy told me to come back as soon as I can come back he also told me he will miss me !!! Well that’s my blog and it’s a great 1 and it was a great time in the Dominican republic !! Can’t wait to come back !!!!!

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