Megan- SCUMC March 10

Today was our second day working. We are already making connections with all of the kids! We love playing baseball, jumping rope, soccer, chalk, and catch! We’re finding we can communicate with our limited Spanish, and that they know a lot of the same games that we do. The girls love my long, silky hair and enjoy playing with it. Vikki, Cindy and I have all had multiple manicures, varying from chalk to marker to nail polish. We have all learned to keep close watch of our cameras and sunglasses, the kids love to take them! Angel doesn’t like to give things back! They take excellent pictures, but take multiple photos of the same thing, like someone’s tongue or a jump rope!
Today, we wet the whole floor inside the house to prepare it to pour concrete later this week. The boys had fun carrying the buckets for us and dumping the water all over everything. We also walked down to the river and watched the kids swim.
The food is amazing, and I think we are all gaining weight! I haven’t tried anything I didn’t like.
Some things we have learned so far are do NOT forget your sunscreen or your bug spray. The bugs bite all day! Don’t bring new shoes, and bring at least a pair of flip flops for when your shoes get dirty! When they say “cold showers”, they mean it! And God can work through any size group, large or small. And whether we are working on the house, or playing with the children, God can use every action to show His love to the community, even when we feel like we’re not helping much. We are seeing so much evidence of God’s work here, and how He has been preparing everything years in advance of them actually happening. I’m so excited to be playing a part in His plan for this community, and I think we are already planning our return trip!

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