Meet the Teachers

We are so blessed to have these two beautiful women working with our children in Cuesta Arena. Many of you know Kendys, as she has been with us since day 1. Kendys (who also speaks English) is our lead teacher. Her degrees are in Education and Psychology. What a blessing she has been to create the ciriculum for the school as well as provide counseling for the families in Cuesta Arena. In 2013, we were fortunate to have a Montessori teacher come work with Kendys and help adapt the program to better teacher children of different ages and academic levels. Kendys not only works in the preschool and counseling but also works with those in the public school, helping them with homework and increasing their reading and math knowledge. She also helps with the children in the church leading “children’s church” during the sermon with the kids. She is a single mom and lives in the city, communicating every day on public transportation to Cuesta Arena.

Estefani is new to our school this year as our assistant teacher. Estefani began coming to our school when she brought her younger cousin Kiuni to the preschool the first and second year we were open. Estefania walked with Kiuni to school every day and when Kiuni graduated preschool, she attended the tutoring program. Kendys built a relationship with Estefani through counseling and invited her to come help in the afternoon tutoring program. When the assistant position opened last summer, Kendys knew Estefani would be the perfect fit. Estefani is patient, kind, and loves the children in the school. She now helps with the preschool and tutoring programs. Because of her involvement in the school and counseling programs, Estafani states she is starting classes to study psychology at the university. She commutes every Saturday to the church in the city from Cuesta Arena to attend youth group at the church and every Sunday to worship. A few months ago, the church bapized her and welcomed her as a member of the congregation. She is bright and beautiful and we are so excited to see where God leads her and happy to have her on the team.

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