May 5, 2013- Natalie Palmer

Today we woke up and got ready for breakfast at Sairy’s house. They have been so hospitable serving us some of the most tasty food I have ever eaten. After breakfast we prepared sandwiches for lunch and then headed to Iglesia Eveangelica Dominicana which is the local church in Santiago. The people in the church were very loving and welcoming, and the message by Sarah was very inspirational, talking about the five love languages and having a “crazy love” for others.

We had lunch back at the house and then headed to Los Cocos to experience local medical work. Many local doctors and medication arrived in Los Cocos. We were divided up among the doctors and the pharmacy to learn and experience many different aspects of medicine. I shadowed a doctor named Paul who is an OB/GYN, I loved every minute of it and I learned a lot. There were many young pregnant women coming in for check ups on their pregnancy, and others came with concerns of infections and pains. I learned a lot for Dr.Paul and I am truly grateful for him. The people in the Dominican Republic are very warm and welcoming, I felt very accepted. I am excited for what the next few weeks entail and cant wait to meet more amazing people.

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