May 26, 2016- Fathom Cruise

Today we visited the village of Cuesta Arena. It is a place I have visited and helped build a school and water treatment. While I have helped build the school, I have found that mission work is not just about building buildings. I have brought medicine, school supplies, and money but mission work is more than needed supplies. It is really about relationships.
When we first started coming here, I met a young man named Cristian. I could not speak Spanish to him but we could play catch with a baseball. Hours were spent throwing the ball. Each time I return I look for him to play ball. Today when I arrived I asked about Christian. When I saw him he hugged me and did not want to let go. He is now 18 and not a young boy but I know we have a special friendship and he will be waiting for me to return. I have a friend in Christian that will last a life time. As said the most important thing about mission work is relationship. I will never forget my friend Christian.
Jim Rosenburg
East Lake UMC, Palm Harbor, Fl

Today at Cuesta Arena was amazing. It was obvious the love they have for Sarah and Kendys. The children had a refreshing way of being in that they were comply happy playing with one another and enjoying the natural environment. My observations were more on the boys and their behavior and are so typical of boys around the world. The girl were dainty and sweet. They gave a lot of love.
The school was more than I’d imagined. Its a beautiful healing and nurturing space that will groom future leaders. I hope and truly believe that all who partake of the services will share and spread their love and knowledge with their families, communities, and the world.
Sarah and the many light workers who have come to serve, build and spread God’s word have done an awesome job in showing the people of Cuesta Arena the magnificence of the Creator when, we hope, live, and achieve.
Brenda Begil

I really enjoyed seeing the Dominicans work in community with each other. The big kids help the littles, the littles listen and obey, even our tour guide was involved in the activities of the trip. Americans can be so closed off to each other and unwilling to come together- this was beautiful to see.
Becky Tramonte
First Baptist Church
Windermere, Fl

I really enjoyed our trip to visit the kids and the community of Cuesta Arena. There was a little boy who stayed with me for awhile. We worked a puzzle, we played with the side walk chalk and wrote our names on the cement. His name was Miguel. He also sought me out to play catch with a basketball and he held my hand walking down the hill to the bus. It warmed my heart when he gave me a big hug.
I enjoyed the kids by watching them do what kids do best, play. They had smiles on their faces and were very excited we were there. I am so glad to get to see the fruit of Sarah’s labors, because you can tell what a blessing the school is to that community. I will add them to my prayer list for continued success.
Pam Perez
Mandarin UMC, Jacksonville, FL

I was happy to see how the community of Cuesta Arena embrace us. Poverty was evident all around but their spirit of hospitality especially from their children made them rich. The many variety of fruit tree lets me know that the blessing of God extends to all his children, poor and rich.
Lucille Hall
Baltimore, Maryland

The school was very nice and has a second floor to expand. The people were friendly and the lunch box was good. Enjoyed seeing the country side and towns.
Linda Harmon
Crystal River

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